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Singing Buildings of Tbilisi, Georgia, 2023

The mix of architecture in Tbilisi, is unique and magnificent and spans a wide range of architectural styles from it’s geographical position and rich and turbulent history.
The majority of these buildings are in a state of dis-repair, many beyond repair and collapsing by the day, for a variety of complex reasons.
Their collapse is a tragedy playing out before our eyes, not just for the loss of artistry and architecture but for their historical and cultural legacies and the identity of a nation as a whole.

In June 2023, The National Trust of Georgia invited Gail, to draw attention through her art, to the plight of these buildings before their complete demise.
Gail spent a month in the city, collaborating with Czech sound artist, Martin Janicek, and local performers, dancers, musicians, and visual artists to create installations and performances in and around various derelict buildings.

The performance and exhibit sites included:
The Armenian church in Guidiashvili Square
The Pavilion in Mushtaidi Park
The residential complex in Isani Street, Avlabari
The events resulted in a closing exhibition in the Heritage Trust HQ in Meteki Street.

Participants included:
Katia March for photography.
Valeria Khipatch and Marina Makasarashvili, Balarusian and Georgian dancers.
Kakha Bakuradze, mime artist from The Tbilisi Movement Theatre
David Chikhladze, in sound from The Georgian Theatre Company
and numerous other Georgian artists.