Book I


Works that are composed by utilising objects alongside two dimensional mark making.

Often the weight and texture of an object makes the latter an appropriate ’stand-in’ for paint. Even bringing the picture plane into relief, does not have to prevent the work being seen as a painting. As far as I am concerned, it remains as such, for as long as there is still an optimum viewing position. Alongside the most unlikely weight of object, the painted marks bring a human touch which provides a total contrast leading to an alternative focus and lyricism through quality and texture. The choice of which items etc to combine on the work, is purely on an aesthetic level. The aim is for the overall composition to be perceived before the actual material is analysed for what it may be.
The allowance for subjective ‘readings’ can be playful, in that some objects/imagery when combined can be humorous. It doesn’t matter what the elements are that make up the piece as it is purely to do with a final balance.