Book H

Against All Odds

Works that involve invented methods of construction designed to create fresh compositional challenges.

Generally this utilises processes that contain an element of chance which in turn produces a hitherto unexpected result. Once the ‘drawing’ is established in this way, there is then the reliance on inventing a resolution towards creating a successful balanced work. It reinforces a belief that true creativity arises through a strong impulse towards the next ‘move' as opposed to building from a preconception. A work is finished when all parts communicate themselves and the painting no longer asks for anything more. A series comes to an end once the almost unconscious desire to follow a particular line has been exhausted. It is at the moment of completion that in a flash of recognition the paintings are seen to have that which in some way was an intangible sense of something that existed at the start. Sometimes, to try and successfully combine imagery/materials that initially have no aesthetic relationship, becomes the concern.
It is an unknown adventure into an unknown space.