Book G

Thanks Giving

A tribute to a person or ‘ism’, works that have created an empathetic reaction.

Several references can then be juxtaposed in a separatist or combined manner but still produce a cohesive composition. The interest lies in the chronology of thought through time and space, which created these categories or ‘isms’. For example, in the case of Cubism, there appeared to be much left to explore in the abstract. For someone who hopes for an absence of sentiment in art, there is a large amount of gratitude towards some of those practitioners without whom my life would lack a whole dimension.
A specific series named ‘Homage’ [19+1] directly related to 19 artists from the past… Artists in turn have offered me a ’new freedom’, in terms of what could constitute a painting. None of the constructions had a starting point with a specific homage in mind. At varying given moments I became aware of the presence of one of these inspirational artists however obliquely, sometimes more evidently than others. That awareness was prompted by painterly concerns with which I was working and which then i could equate with one of these 19, their explorations into the ‘language' of painting. Of course the work within this group was obviously not just the sum of influences, hence the ‘+1’. But, not withstanding many others, these 19 were the ones who constantly gave me a deep sense of homecoming.