Book B

Speed Dating

Collaged or montaged pieces.

The choice of imagery is based solely on the quality of its' detail and never on that which it may illustrate.
Anything representational is only selected for its tonal, linear, textural, colour etc. value rather than for any interpretable meaning. Of course, the spectator is invited to bring their own interpretations.
Should a juxtaposition of imagery reference the symbolic, it would only be for any potential visual humour.
Placement of imagery, in terms of association, can provide a sense of scale, and with luck, contain a sense of the poetic.
At times, the differing nature of the collage, can provide a place for the eye to rest within a ‘moving’ composition and for a change in focus.
Synchronicity in that which is available can lead to visual puns.
This method of construction allows for playfulness.