Book A

Out of the Rectangle

Works that are not contained by the rectangle.

At some point, the use of the rectangle as a chosen surface for 2 dimensional work felt like a restricting convention. The formal ‘Painterly’ elements remain the same whilst working with shaped pieces. In all cases the concern is towards a final balance.
As always, everything applied to the chosen surface, is placed with the edge in mind. In some instances, the structure of the base is designed before anything is added to it and at other times, it evolves alongside the building of the painting. The composition is less likely to be contained, like a ‘picture’, than to carry the suggestion of a continuation into the space beyond the edge.
Movement is achieved not only through that which is applied to the surface, but in addition, from the shape of the work itself. The concern remains to visually flatten the composition, in order to reconfirm the two- dimensionality of the picture plane. The resulting objects are generally asymmetrical with a disruption to any notions of the classical.
Although, the possibilities within painting appear endless, creating works outside of the rectangle increases the potential to the infinite!